Super Rotax

Super Rotax is Absolute Perfection!

Super Rotax offers effortless loading with removable ramps for unlimited access to the vehicle, as well as 360-degree, 10-ton pulling. The bench provides 5’9 of uninhibited working height with 11,000 lbs. of lifting capacity. It is compatible with electronic measuring.

Super Rotax tilts to allow fast and easy loading of vehicle. Put a vehicle into 4 sill clamps and you’re ready to pull in about 15 minutes. When 8-point holding or full fixturing is required, the user-friendly Globaljig Universal Jig makes it fast and efficient. The Super Rotax system comes standard with the full Globaljig Universal Jig (12 pts) with storage cart, the McPherson Overhead Measuring Bridge, loading ramps, loading stands, winch and one pulling tower fitted with accessories. Some customers choose to flush mount this bench so there’s even easier access to the work platform.

  • 360 degree 10 ton pull/push towers
  • Locking Crossbeams
  • High performance scissor lift structure
  • Optional full frame holding clamps available
  • 5.75 feet of working height

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Globaljig is proudly approved by the following:

Manufacturer Super Rotax Mobile System
Audi Land Rover  ▼  ▼
Bentley Tesla Motors  ▼  ▼
BMW Maserati  ▼
Bugatti Jaguar  ▼  ▼
VW Aston Martin  ▼  ▼


Length 5.0m (16’4″)
6.0m (19’6″)
Width 78.7″
Lift Capacity 11,000 lbs.
Max. Height 69″
Min. Height 20.5″ – Tilt Loading
Working Footprint 305″ x 140″
345″ x 140″
Weight 8,298lbs.
Power Supply 220-240 V, 60Hz 20 amps
Single Phase Dedicated Line

Chief Automotive Technologies® reserves the right to alter product specifications and/or package components without notice. Check with Chief or your local Chief distributor on paint options and pricing.


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  1. Ed day

    Collision Restoration Fairfield New Jersey this machine is the real thing amazing capability at every corner

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