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Racks and Benches

Work on every vehicle that comes to your shop with the right rack or bench that’s big enough to handle them all. Plus, get features like true 360-degree capabilities and self-leveling, so your repair work is always efficient and accurate.

Structural Holding

Structural holding allows a technician to apply additional holds, spreading out the amount of pressure at each hold location reducing the chance of additional damage during repairs. This holding is necessary to hold a part being replaced in the correct location for welding and bonding.

Target Attachments

The aluminum-housed attachment is self-centering with three collet style fingers. This gives the attachment the capability to measure any vehicle regardless of material type – steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc.


Properly welding aluminum and advanced steels require new methods and equipment. Their use in vehicle bodies is only going to increase over the next few years, so it is important that collision repair professionals start equipping themselves now with the knowledge and equipment necessary to properly return these vehicles to manufacturer specs.

Aluminum Repair tools for any collision shop.

As vehicles evolve, your equipment should, too. With Chief collision repair equipment, you’ll have the right technology to fix any metal—including aluminum. Plus, you’ll have the capacity to pull full-size trucks, measure multiple points in real time with Live Mapping™ and repair all types of metals with a perfect weld every time. Not to mention our hands-on technician training program and the most precise and comprehensive vehicle specification database in the world.

Rivet Guns

Specifically developed for riveting sheet metal in the autobody repair field, the rivet gun is a pneumatic-hydraulic system for riveting and pressing out self-piercing rivets. The equipment’s universal technology enables the adaption of various attachments for different applications. Easy to use, lightweight and highly efficient – this riveting tool allows your technicians to complete repairs in record time.

Dust Extraction

Chief’s Dust Extractor System is a CSA certified vacuum with and immersion separator for ordinary locations. This means your shop doesn’t need anything special to help filter the areas you make money in, your body repair space. The detachable oil/water tank is easily removable and includes a brass ball valve to empty recovered materials.


Fixing aluminum requires different techniques and equipment than steel, but with the Chief Elektron Fusion Technologies MultiTool Aluminum Repair Station and the MultiMig 522 welder, everything you need is in one place.

Plus, tech-friendly features like True Automode help to increase your shop’s efficiency and create the perfect weld every time.

MultiSpot M25 AL

  • Capacitor discharge technology breaks through surface oxidation without harming the sheet metal below

MultiSpot M30 Pro

  • Can weld up to 6mm diameter stud bolts on the clean, bare (unpainted) aluminum surface

Aluminum pulling bar kit and pulling system

  • Fix both large and small dents with a single set of tools stored in one place
  • Prepare for any fix with included accessories such as hammers, heat gun, angle die grinder (to prevent cross-contamination), and a starter kit of studs, zinc-plated eye bolts and more

MultiMig 522

  • The MULTIMIG 522 mechanically and electrically controls the welding parameters to achieve a TIG-looking weld bead.


MultiMig 511

  • The MULTIMIG 511 A push-pull torch designed specifically to optimize aluminum welding.