MI200T – Spot Welder

Premium Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welder with Inverter Head

The MI200T’s high-performance transformer pliers draw up to 40 percent less power than many cable pliers, further enhancing its energy savings and long-term cost-effectiveness. This high-efficiency design also means that the amperage service required for the MI200T is one of the lowest in the industry, typically requiring only a 40A service. In addition, the MI200T’s duty cycle is so high that the technician can operate the welder continuously without having to slow down to let the welder cool off. Liquid cooling to the tips is standard. The MI200T is specifically designed for high-strength steels such as Boron, USIBOR, TRIP, TWIP, and XIP. It has been quality tested and approved by many car manufacturers.


  • Designed for all vehicle body repairs with high strength steels
  • Simple to follow LCD user interface
  • High performance lightweight transformer pliers – 40% less power than standard cable plier welder
  • C-pliers with multiple size arms available
  • Detects and adjusts welding parameters
  • Logs data for each repair
  • Provides feedback on the quality of every weld
  • Almost 20 feet of welding cable for increased reach
  • High duty cycle – no waiting for cool

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Additional Description

Chief's MI200T is the ideal answer to the welding requirements of high strength steels.

  • Perfect welding results
  • High duty cycle that lets technicians weld quickly at a high current without having to slow down to let the welder cool off.
  • Quick change of pliers with easy slotted openings and a flip lever locking system.
  • Stable base, welder can be moved around without worry.

The MI200T offers worry-free welding through the TrueAutoMode™ automatic welding system. TrueAutoMode™ detects the metal type and thickness, as well as the presence of adhesives and insulation, and then automatically adjusts and sets the welding parameters accordingly. It provides instant feedback to the technician about the weld result, while simultaneously logging the results into memory.


Power Supply 208-240V (3 phase)
Fuse: 40 Amp slow blowing
Connection Cable Length: 19+’
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Supply Power: 14 kVA (80 kVA max)
Nominal power by 50 % ED 20kVA
Maximum welding current: 14,500 A DC (at 230V)
Electrode Force 550 daN with 8 bars
Ambient temperature: 41 to 113˚ F
Protective System IP 21
Clamp Weight 22 lbs.
Weight without Accessories Approx. 220 lbs.
Dimensions H / W / D: 36.4″ / 25.6″ / 31.5″




MI200T Training Videos

MI200T Setup & Controls
MI200T Training: Data Logging
MI200T Training: C1 Arm Setup & Operation
MI200T Training: C2 Arm Setup & Operation
MI200T Training: C11 Arm Setup & Operation
MI200T Training: Single Sided Torch Install
MI200T Training: Overhead Balancer

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