Collision Center Tools

Repair tools for your collision shop.

Make your life easier with tools designed specifically to benefit a collision repair shop. 

Collison center tools revolve around a lot of tasks. They can vary from joining different types of material used in the vehicle manufacturing process. A shop might use a rivet gun to make these structural and component connections. You might need to remove adhesive from a connection already made. These are all areas where the tools you use in your shop make all the difference. They can speed up the time it takes for a procedure, they can help your technicians do the job correctly. We have extractors to help with dust and fumes, work stations to keep your aluminum repair tools close because they’re on casters.

How to buy Chief.

All of our products are sold through a network of qualified and knowledgeable distributors. Find your local dealer for help with pricing, installing, servicing and training on all of our equipment.