MULTISPOT M30 Pro – Aluminum Stud Welder

Feature part of the new Aluminum Dent Repair Station

More car manufacturers are using aluminum as a lightweight, strong material in constructing vehicles. Aluminum has different properties than steel, requiring special tools, equipment, and processes in its repair. For collision damage repair, when a stud is spot welded to the outside surface, all too often some of the heat is transferred through to the backside of the material, causing unintended additional damage. The new Chief M30 Pro Alu Stud Welder incorporates technology that allows for a strong spot weld with minimal heat penetration, so little or no heat is transferred through the material to areas where it is not needed.


  • Aluminum and steel capable by using capacitor discharge technology, which delivers very brief (a few milliseconds), but very high current density (thousands of amps) to break through the surface oxidation (not fully oxidized metal) and insulation without damaging the sheet metal below.
  • Automatic Grounding Preparation
  • Can weld up to 6mm diameter stud bolts on clean, bare (unpainted) aluminum surface
  • Comes complete with a stud-gun and 2-clamp ground cables
  • User friendly information displays and control knobs.
  • Stud Welder operates off of 115V power

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Single phase input 115V 50/60Hz
Supply fuse rating (slow blow) 15 A
Energy 5.7 KVA 20%
Stud diameter 3 mm to 6 mm
Stud type Aluminum, Titanium
Weight 62.8 lbs
Dimensions inches 10.1 x 18.3 x 14h

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