Frame Repair

Put damage in its place.

Show structural who’s boss with our rugged racks and benches.

Frame Racks

  • Pull with power for years to come. Our durable frame machines are designed with collision shops in mind. They can hold all of our fixtures and work with our alignment systems.

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Collision Benches

  • Streamline your precise structural repairs with the dedicated fixtures and universal mechanical measuring systems found on Globaljig benches.

High-End Collision Repair Guide

What is a frame machine?

Think of it like a giant straight edge that won’t bend or flex under pulling forces, which is important when you’re trying to bring a damaged vehicle back into factory specifications.

Why Chief?

All of our frame racks allow auto repair shops to put tremendous amounts of force against a vehicle once it is secured. We build racks that withstand multiple years of pulling force coupled with abuse that would turn any ordinary frame rack into a twisted pile of metal. When considering the purchase of a frame rack, choose one from the people who build more innovation and quality into the base structure than anyone else. Choose Chief and pull with confidence!

What is a bench?

Think of auto repair benches and frame racks as two different animals within the same species. Frame racks are used to bring the entire structure into form. Benches hold a vehicle in alignment so you can make incremental adjustments and bring damaged pieces back to OEM specifications and measurements.


A bench could be used to repair a unibody vehicle frame rail replacement; where a frame rack would be used to align overall damage within the entire structure of a framed vehicle.

Why Chief?

Chief’s full line of Globaljig benches offer you an affordable solution to making repairs on a variety of vehicles. Couple this with our Global Scan and the variety of fixtures offered and you have all the collision repair equipment needed for your shop.

How to buy Chief.

All of our products are sold through a network of qualified and knowledgeable distributors.
Find your local dealer for help with pricing, installing, servicing and training on all of our equipment.