Fuse aluminum, silicon bronze, & steel.

Car manufacturers are changing the way they build vehicles, and in turn, we’re changing the way you weld them.

Spot & Mig Welding

Specifically designed for high-strength steels such as Boron, USIBOR, TRIP, TWIP, and XIP. It has been quality tested and approved by many car manufacturers.

Repair Blueprinting Guide

Collision Repair Measurement Systems

Aluminum Welders

With push-pull torch designed specifically to optimize aluminum welding. Built-in cart for easy welder handling, Includes storage for gas cylinder. Synergic pulsed welder with a full set of welding programs for easy use.

Chief is a global brand and a leading provider of resistance spot welder, mig / mag welders, aluminum welders, plasma cutters, mulitools workstation, and battery service equipment. Chief’s equipment has more vehicle OEM homologations or approvals (indicating they meet the OEM’s performance requirements, often verified through lab testing) than any other products on the market and is sold in 110 countries around the world.

How to buy Chief.

All of our products are sold through a network of qualified and knowledgeable distributors. Find your local dealer for help with pricing, installing, servicing and training on all of our equipment.