MULTIMIG 190 – Welder

Welding on low-carbon structural steel, sheets and interval-welding, with mixed gas or CO²

Any easy to use welder perfect for body shops and in applications where craftsmen need to spot, seam or interval weld with mixed gas or CO2.  Wire installation takes just a few minutes. Wire speed and heat temperature are easily adjusted via simple knob dials. A handy reference chart is located on the inside of the door that covers the wire spool, giving the technician quick and easy access to the different wire speeds and temperature setting needs based on wire size. Another dial is a timer, which allows the operator to set consistent time amounts for stitch or plugs welds. Shop mobility is built into the MultiMig 190. The unit has an integrated wheeled cart that includes an area behind the welder for a welding gas bottle, complete with safety chain to keep it in place when the welder is rolled to the next station.


  • Three control dials for wire speed, temperature and time
  • 220-volt transformer-based welder (More Power!)
  • Welding current/voltage adjustable switch
  • Versatile for welding thin sheet metal
  • Binzel 15AK torch, 3m welding cable


Weldable wires Steel 0.6 – 0.8mm
Weldable wires Alu 0.8 – 1.0mm
Weldable wires stainless S 0.6 – 0.8mm
Welding Current, 100% 75A (25°C)  65A (40°C
Welding Current, 60% 100A (25°C)  80A (40°C)
Duty Cycle I Max 20% (25°C)  15% (40°C)
Welding current range 17 – 190 A
Mains voltage 2 x 220 V
Mains Fuse 16 A (CEE 16)
Protection Class IP21S
Dimensions D/W/H 820 x 330 x 710mm
Weight 116lbs. (53kg)


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