Mosaic ADT

ADAS calibration just got easier with Chief’s Mosaic ADT

Chief and Burke Porter Group have teamed up to create the Mosaic ADT (Advanced Diagnostic Technology), the industry’s first-ever automated ADAS calibration system that’s powered by the same end-of-line technology that OEMs use. Other systems rely on measuring tape, plumb bobs, and manual setup – leaving plenty of room for human error. Why risk it?

Chief’s Mosaic ADT is different because:

  • It’s automated. Self-diagnostic target and vehicle sensor checks, as well as enhanced radar and laser information sequencing, means no manual measurements or adjustments are required.
  • It’s future-proof. The state-of-the-art software automatically updates with the latest OEM repair procedures before new vehicle models even hit the street. No reverse engineering repair procedures are required.
  • It’s accurate. Each technician using the Mosaic ADT goes through training and certification to operate the system. Then once the OEM scan tool is plugged in, an ASE-certified technician operates it to facilitate remote diagnostics. This provides an added layer of support and protection to ensure error-free calibrations.
  • It reduces the risk of liability. The Mosaic ADT system captures and records the full calibration process and repair history of a vehicle to document that the OEM repair procedure was followed.
  • It’s trusted. Product partner Burke Porter Group has almost 30 years of experience developing this same technology that OEMs use for end-of-line calibrations.

Additional Description

ADAS calibration is a concept that could be scary to you if you’re just learning about it. It could also be a huge liability to your shop if done incorrectly or on inferior aftermarket equipment. Mosaic ADT gives you a system to correctly perform the calibration without worry. No need to turn away customers because you’re afraid to perform a calibration. Collision repair of the future will be doing calibration on every vehicle repair, make sure you’re in that group with the new Chief Mosaic!


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8 reviews for Mosaic ADT


    great , what about hi line calibration ? audi porsche and benz .

    • Chieftechnology

      We’re good with that!

  2. Patrick Luft

    Assume that you say all automated that the AVM is as well?

    • Chieftechnology

      That’s not what we mean when we say automated, but yes it’ll also take care of Around View Monitoring(AVM).
      This is end of production line technology!

  3. Enzo

    Is this OEM approved?

  4. CCR Automotive

    What does this cost???

  5. Possible customer

    So you need to be on the phone with a remote representative? How does setting up blind spot targets work? How about the large mats ? Does the system use those? Does it support ALL ADAS calibrations and night vision?

  6. Nelson’s Collision

    Can you provide me with the appropriate contact info of an authorized automotive equipment dealer in my area (Michigan)?

  7. Lonnie

    Five star

  8. David Maxwell

    I saw your Mosaic system at SEMA last year and I was impressed. Now, it is 6 months later and the fact that there is little or no information about this system on your website troubles me. I understand cost comes from the distributor, but what about specific vehicle coverage? What is included? What is optional? How are target updates handled? Where is the user manual?

    • Chief Technology

      David, Thank you for the comment and questions. We’re constantly updating the site and will have additional info on the system soon. We’re at the leading edge of this tech and your distributor will have the most current info. Look for updates in the coming months. Including answers to these and more frequently asked questions about ADAS and our Mosaic ADT System.

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