Mi300i STRW Smart Welder – Spot Welder

Chief’s New Mi300i high-performance spot welder is the ideal solution for all high strength steel body repairs.

Easy to handle with reduced weight, features the new GENIUS clamp allowing an automatic retraction of the electrodes for quick access of the welding area. Auto-mode allows welding without entering any parameters into the machine cutting welding time in half. Water lines automatically connect when changing arms reducing set up time. Arms are water-cooled to the tip.


AUTO mode: automatically recognizes steel type, sheet-metal thickness
7 modes available:
Normal, Manual, Multi, Auto, Manufacturer and Energy.
Tracking saves the characteristics of each welding spot to the SD card

Features / Specs

  • Welding current: 13 000 A
  • Clamping force: 550 daN at 8 bar
  • Watercooled power cables, electrodes and caps
  • User-friendly navigation using a 5.7” LCD screen
  • Automatic adjustment of pressure between electrodes
  • Spot count feature to determine the caps lifetime
  • 80 mm of automatic opening capacity (20 mm at rest)
  • Multifunction gun: single-point, swaging, studs, bolts, washers
  • Easy rotation of the arm in order to access hard to reach areas
  • Clamp support and brass sole-arms for an optimal electrical contact
  • Automatic cooling connection
  • Remote-controlled clamp (opening, welding, adjustments validation)
  • Lockable Gyrosocope, ball bearing, integrated into the clamp body
  • Handle, lever and reversible clamp support (right or left)
  • Dual-acting retracting electrodes

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Additional Description

The Mi300i is specifically designed for high-strength steels such as Boron, USIBOR, TRIP, TWIP, and XIP.
The Mi300i has been quality tested and approved by many car manufacturers.


Power Supply 208-240V (3 phase)
Fuse: 63 Amp slow blowing
Connection Cable Length: 19+’
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Supply Power: 14 kVA (80 kVA max)
Nominal power by 50 % ED 20kVA
Maximum welding current: 14,500 A DC (at 230V)
Electrode Force 550 daN with 8 bars
Ambient temperature: 41 to 113˚ F
Protective System IP 21
Clamp Weight 22 lbs.
Weight without Accessories Approx. 220 lbs.
Dimensions H / W / D: 36.4″ / 25.6″ / 31.5″

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