Ford Structural Holding

Ford & Lincoln Approved!

We’ve expanded the capabilities of our successful Ford F-150 Aluminum Holding Package so it can be used when repairing the new Ford Expedition or Lincoln Navigator SUVs. Our Ford Holding Package (300001) now includes additional rigid pad mounts and hardware to accommodate larger passenger compartments on these full-size SUVs.  Confidently work on Expedition and Navigator SUVs with this versatile structural holding system from Chief. 

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Extend and distribute the pressures exerted over the entire cab while pulling with our specialty holding system. All of these specialty adapters allow you to secure the new aluminum cab to its frame and to the frame machine. Pressure is then extended over a larger area decreasing the risk of additional damage being introduced while pulling the vehicle. The videos presented give you an idea of Chief’s philosophy in making sure the structure is maintained while pulling force is being applied. We always strive to bring you tools that make your life easier and bring whatever you pull back to specifications. These new Aluminum holding adapters give you many options while holding an aluminum made vehicle. Check out the videos and Contact Chief if you have any additional questions.

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