At Chief, we’ve moved on from “measuring.” Traditional computerized and point-to-point measuring systems don’t have what it takes for today’s shops to efficiently repair modern vehicles.

 Instead, it’s time to usher in the age of Live Mapping. This real-time, multi-point measuring method maps up to 45 reference points at once, so the technician can see all the damage that needs to be repaired. This saves time and prevents any “hidden” damage from being missed.

 Chief’s LaserLock Live Mapping system improves upon traditional measuring in two other key ways:

 • LaserLock Live Mapping allows you to measure in new areas of the shop.

The LaserLock Live Mapping system includes a compact laser scanner and several targets that can be hung from the vehicle. It works in out-of-level situations, so you can use it with a simple two-post lift to map all damage during the estimating process. This helps improve estimating accuracy and keeps the frame rack free for other repairs.


 • The LaserLock Live Mapping system is designed for the needs of today’s vehicles.

Aluminum-intensive vehicles, like the new Ford F-150, require dedicated tools. This prevents corrosion caused by contact with steel particles. As you upgrade your shop for the future, remember that your measuring system is not exempt from this recommendation. The LaserLock Live Mapping system is available with aluminum target attachments specifically designed for modern cars and trucks.

 The benefits of the LaserLock Live Mapping system extend to the pulling portion of the repair, as well. The technician can leave the laser scanner in place during pulling, so there’s no need to stop and re-measure the vehicle after every pull. The system provides live feedback as damage is removed and lets the technician know exactly when to stop pulling.

 By ditching your old measuring system in favor of the LaserLock Live Mapping system, you’ll boost the speed and accuracy of each repair.

Dig deeper into measuring with our “What is 3-point measuring?” download.{{cta(‘73568fa6-96a0-407d-a7a1-19bd0a1c385b’)}}