Adaptive cruise control. Lane departure warnings. 360º views. Night vision. Blind spot detection. LiDAR.

These advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) make it easier for a vehicle to protect its occupants. Of course, when something is easier for one group of people, it usually means things get a little more complicated for someone else.

In this case, the challenge is on you to keep up with new safety technology, so you can keep drivers, and their passengers, safe when they pull away from your shop. With most aftermarket ADAS calibration machines, some manual work is still necessary. That leaves room for error, though—defeating the purpose of an advanced-safety system.


Enter the new Mosaic Advanced Diagnostic Technology (ADT) from Chief Collision Technologies.

Mosaic ADT is the only automated ADAS calibration system on the market, which means it’s the only ADAS calibration system that’s worthy of your investment. Need another reason? We have a few of those, too.

Mosaic ADT is:

  1. Automated, so it’s as accurate as possible. Compared to other machines that involve manual work, Mosaic ADT’s automation offers repeatable, error-free calibrations that significantly reduce the margin of error—including adaptive cruise control calibrations, which is hard to find on other ADAS calibration systems. And the data used is always from the latest OEM specs, so your techs are always up-to-date on their calibrations.
  2. Future proof, so there’s no future cost. It was designed with the ability to evolve to the latest OEM specs and the latest technologies, so you won’t need to worry about expensive upgrades down the road.
  1. Brought to you by trusted sources. That includes Chief Collision Technology, obviously. You know us as a leader in the collision technology and repair business. Our research and development team also included our technology partner: Burke Porter Group (BPG). BPG has been a trusted end-of-line partner to OEMs for more than 30 years. 
  1. Comprehensive, but not complex. Like any new piece of equipment, the Mosaic ADT requires training. Once a tech is trained, though, the automated software makes Mosaic’s operation simple. Techs also work with an ASE-certified tech to ensure an accurate diagnosis and ensure all of the correct calibrations are made.

 So what are you waiting for? Get all of the details and check out everything it can offer your shop in one place: right here, right now.