Front Evolution.jpgThe Evolution Bench by Globaljig is the bench that can fill the void between a small spacer and large platforms associated with bigger benches. The Evolution’s lifting capacity is rated at 7,700lbs, still plenty of strength and capacity for most any job that will come through the shop and for an economical price. For shops that have limited space or budgets, the 4.5 meter Evolution can be an economical bench solution provided you aren’t working with full size trucks on a daily basis. The 4.5 meter Evolution can handle a 4 door short bed ½ ton truck, but if those, or larger trucks, are part of your daily workflow you might want to consider the 5.0 meter Evolution.   

Evolution is available in a number of different package configurations, and offers unmatched versatility.  It can be bought as just a bench with crossbeams, loading ramp package, with 1 or 2 pull posts, and pinchweld clamps. You can add to that the 4 point center section fixture set and have the ability to do 8 point holding many newer vehicles require, or anchor a vehicle in the center section that has no pinchwelds. The next step up is the 8 point fixture set that will allow 8 points on the understructure of the vehicle to be put into fixtures, and still have the 4 pinchweld clamps for secondary anchoring. The top tier package has the same full Globaljig Universal Fixture System that comes with the certified program benches. Enough fixture parts to anchor and hold 14 points at once if your bench has enough base blocks for that, and all in one reasonably sized cabinet that doesn’t take up much floor space in the shop.  You can also add the McPherson upper and side body measuring System that allows you to measure the position of any point on the upper or side body of a vehicle.  And the best part is whatever package you purchase it can be easily upgraded to any other level without the need of changing out any of the pieces already purchased.

Evolution-03.jpgEvolution bench uses the same crossbeam and base block system as the Super Rotax™ and Mobile System™ Benches and that means you can slide the vehicle forwards and backwards on the bench while it is anchored to the fixtures. That means that the shorter 4.5 m bench can work both ends of a longer vehicle without the need to unload and reload the vehicle as you would need to on many other short benches. It also means Evolution, like Super Rotax and System, is one of the easiest loading true fixture benches available. Limited footprint in the shop, and economical, all without limited capabilities. This is what makes Evolution the perfect solution for shops that have space, or budget issues and don’t have room for a longer machine but want the fixturing capabilities that today’s vehicle need.

The Globaljig Evolution Bench and Universal Fixture System is also compatible with any electronic measuring system on the market, like Global Scan™. This also adds versatility to the equipment as it can be used as a conventional piece of structural equipment, anchoring with pinchweld clamps and measuring with electronics, or as a full fixture bench anchoring, holding, and measuring with the Globaljig Universal Fixtures, or anywhere between these two. And the one box of Universal Fixtures has the parts you need to fixture most any vehicle on the market, eliminating the need to purchase or rent fixtures for every model that you work on.

Unmatched versatility, unmatched capabilities, and unmatched accuracy, that’s what Globaljig Evolution Bench gives your shop. Contact your local Chief Distributor and find out if Globaljig Evolution bench is the solution you’ve been looking for.