bryan brown.jpgMetal working is one of the world’s oldest professions. A blacksmith has always been one of the most skilled craftsman throughout the ages. They relied on primitive tools like hammers and fire to shape and meld metals. Fast forward to present time and those that work with metals are still very skilled, however their tools are anything but primitive. Many of the tools used in metal working today are cutting edge and constantly evolving, with welders being no exception.

With today’s welders looking more like something out of the Starship Enterprise than a body shop, it is difficult to keep up with all the changes and technologies. At Chief, Bryan Brown is the resident welder “guru” and is the go-to guy for all metal joining questions. Bryan works with a stellar team to keep our customer’s equipment running smooth and efficiently. So let’s take a few minutes to meet the guy that helps keep your shop from having a “melt” down. (okay, we are reaching on that pun)   

Q: How long have you been with Chief?

Bryan: Been with Chief since 2008. I was part of the original tech support transition team when Chief moved from Grand Island, NE to Madison, IN.

Q: What do you enjoy about your job?

Bryan: The sense of humor that our Chief Tech Support group has. Technical support can, at times be an extremely stressful job and a lot of pressure is placed on the group to be able to troubleshoot any problem over the phone. It takes a sense of humor to keep the work environment light to help balance the stress.

Q: What is your work background in?

Bryan: I am a certified airframe and power plant mechanic. I worked for Continental Airlines for 5 years before joining Vehicle Services Group. With my specialty in the fusion side of the business, I find myself using more and more of what was learned in my aviation career due to OEM manufactures beginning to use many of the same technologies as the aerospace industry in order to meet the CAFÉ standards.

Q: What is one thing about working in where you do that people may not know?

Bryan: Not only do I answer the phones, but I am also the primary repair technician in the Chief repair facility. We service most of the Chief fusion products including but not limited to spot welders, MIG/MAG welders, aluminum/steel stud welders, infrared heaters and hydraulic riveting equipment.

Q: What is one of the biggest challenges to your job?

Bryan: Biggest challenges are troubleshooting new problems over the phone. It is a challenge that I look forward too but its definitely difficult when troubleshooting over the phone.

bryan family.jpgQ: What do you enjoy doing in your time away from work?  

Bryan: Spend time with family, hunt/fish with friends. Also enjoy steel/aluminum fabrication at home.

Q: Are you a music person or a sports person?  

Bryan: Probably more of a music person than sports. Not really a favorite band but I tend to lean more toward heavy rock music. As far as sports I follow the Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals.

Q: What product in Chief’s full line do you think is the most interesting or has the most to offer to the customer? Why?

Bryan: I think the MIG/MAG welders offer the customers the most bang for the buck in fusion. The MIG/MAG welder line offers the customer the ability to weld aluminum and steel successfully with minimum training for the technician. These welders are also capable of MIG brazing for high strength steel applications. These features allow the body shop to not only be prepared todays vehicles, but to also be prepared for tomorrow as the OEM’s are projected to increase the use of high strength steels and aluminum for the for seeable future.