ashley_denimWhat makes for a strong company? Reliable products, good marketing, a solid sales team; all of those for sure, but what about after the sale? Many say how a company takes care of their customers, may be the truest measure of strength. If that holds true, then Chief has some serious power. Our customer service team is second to none, and you encounter it with every call.

Today we are talking with Ashley Roberts, customer service representative/inside sales specialist for Chief Automotive. Ashley can help troubleshoot your Goliath™ Rack, or give you some pointers on laying a good weld bead with your Multimig 511. Our customer service reps have a huge responsibility when it comes to knowing our products, and Ashley is no exception.  

Q: How long have you been with Chief?

Ashley: I have been with Chief a little over a year. I started in December of 2014.

Q: What do you enjoy about your job? 

Ashley: I like the diversity my job brings me. We have a wide array of products, which means there are rarely the same questions. I can go from talking about a pulling rack, to an aluminum welder in a matter of seconds.

Q: What is your work background in? 

Ashley: I have a strong background in customer service, which prepared me well for this job. I understand the frustration a customer has when they encounter an issue, and strive to help them as quickly as possible. Their shop is their livelihood and our equipment must work when they need it to.

Q: What is one thing about working where you do, that people may not know? 

Ashley: Chief is an international company, we supply shops all around the world with auto body repair tools, yet we are based in Madison, Indiana. This is a small community, we are not some 10 story tall call center, we are a small group of people, that live in a small town. 

Q: What is one of the biggest challenges to your job? 

Ashley: It is definitely the learning of new products. At Chief we are constantly adding more products to our portfolio, which means we are continually learning. We have to know our products so we can help customers with any issues.  

Q: During your work career or personal life what are you most proud of?

Ashley: I am most proud of my professional achievements. I enjoy where I am in my career and hope to continue advancing. 

Q: What is one fun fact about you that people may not know? 

Ashley: My biggest claim to fame would be that I can rollerskate backwards

ashley_r_rockQ: What do you enjoy doing in your time away from work?

Ashley: I really like the summer months. I like being outside. I love festivals and concerts. That’s a great thing about our community, it seems like every weekend there is something going on at the riverfront. My friend has a little river house where we spend almost all of our weekends, just relaxing and being with friends and family. 

Q: Are you a music person or a sports person?

Ashley: That’s a tough one. I am huge Indiana University fan. We are #1 in the Big Ten right now, you know! I also love music and I will listen to anything that makes me feels good. Rock, POP, Hip-Hop, even some classics. 

Q: What product in Chief’s full line do you think is the most interesting or has the most to offer to the customer? Why?

Ashley: The most interesting Chief product to me, would be the new LaserLock™. It makes the lives of our technicians so much easier. Live Mapping™ allows you to pull 20 points at 1 time, versus pulling 1 different point 20 times. Take a look at our Measuring Equipment Basics Guide, it can help you with all of our measuring options.