Measurements matter.

That’s true regardless of industry, but it’s always been especially true in collision repair—and these days, those measurements are more important than ever. As more and more technology is integrated into vehicles, which requires precise measurement and calibration during collision repair service. Often, this comes down to a millimeter.

Now, we know you trust your techs. That’s why you hired them. Regardless of how experienced and thorough your techs are, though, your techs are human. Every time they’re required to take precise measurements and make adjustments based on those measurements, there’s a chance for human error.

With Mosaic, your techs’ job is easy: they simply pull the vehicle into the bay, plug in the scanning software and follow the on-screen prompts. 

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Unlike many ADAS calibration systems, Mosaic ADT is fully automated and doesn’t require your techs to make any manual adjustments.

Other systems require manual target adjustments on the stand and on the floor. Many also require a tech to measure the distance between the stand and the vehicle using a tape measure. Seriously, a tape measure. All of that software development and precision electronics, and the whole system relies on a device originally patented in 1829.

Then there are the OEM updates. Do you know which ADAS systems are automatically updated with the latest information from OEMs? Mosaic ADT is always up-to-date, which makes it future proof. In fact, specs are automatically updated before the year’s new models even hit a sales floor.

Finally, you should compare cycle times. Some manual systems can take a few hours for a complete recalibration. Mosaic can handle most recalibrations in as little as 15 minutes–with far more accuracy. That means you get precision and accuracy, and you get vehicles in and out of the bay in less time than it takes for an oil change—and at a much higher margin.

As long as we’re talking about time, isn’t it time you gave a fully automated, highly accurate, easy-to-use ADAS calibration system a good look? Lucky for you, there’s only one place you’ll find that system: right here.