frame rackIf you’re in charge of the budget at your collision repair shop, you probably meet most requests for new equipment with a few questions of your own. You might try to gauge the ROI of the purchase or determine how often techs will use it, for instance. And you might ask, “Can we upgrade what we have instead?”

The right accessories can help you save money by doing more with tools already in your shop. For example, if you have a frame rack, our structural holding packages can help you properly secure, pull and handle a wider range of vehicles. That means more jobs and more revenue. Wondering if it’s right for you? Here’s a look at how these add-ons work. 

Structural Holding Systems

Car manufacturing processes and materials are always changing, but holding packages can help you keep up and repair them properly. For instance, if you’re working with damaged aluminum body panels, they may need to be sectioned or replaced, and high-strength steel frames need to be anchored securely before pulling.

Your current frame rack may not be equipped to handle that kind of work, but that doesn’t mean you need to scrap it. The components included in a holding package can be used together to build the proper connections up from your existing rack. With a combination of a base, short and long tubes, turnbuckles, locking wing nut assemblies and more, technicians can build secure connections for the necessary repairs.

To accommodate different shop’s needs, we offer three different options:

If you opt for that last one, our how-to videos can show you the proper way to create the different holding points needed to secure the vehicle during sectioning. You’ll find demos for:

And more. Visit the product page for the full lineup.

Universal Structural Holding Clamp System

Working with a non-Chief frame rack? Our holding packages can upgrade those, too. The kits work with all Chief frame racks, and many others, out of the box, but if yours doesn’t employ rectangular mounting holes, you may need to add a clamp system. The Universal Structural Holding System clamps onto the inner and outer edges of the treadway, making it possible to add Chief holding component to just about any rack.

In short, these accessories can help you safely repair today’s damaged vehicles, do more with what you already have and be kind to your bottom line.  

Want to learn more about frame racks? Download our free Anchoring Systems ebook for more info.