There are plenty of reasons a shop might decide to focus on luxury car repairs. Along with opening up your business to a whole new section of the market, high-end collision repairs also often generate more revenue than mainstream repairs. For shops that decide to go this route, the first step is gaining the proper certifications and choosing the right tools. Beyond those necessities, though, how can you get your shop ready to take on luxury cars and trucks? The key is to think about your customers’ overall experience. 

During the sales process, high-end car dealerships provide a high-end customer experience. And even after the sale, these car owners expect a certain level of service. Premium car repairs often come with a premium price tag, so it makes sense to roll out the red carpet—from start to finish. Pay attention to:


From the entryway to the shop itself, it pays to invest in the design and look of your business. Upgrade to some nicer furniture, invest in the larger TV for the waiting area, choose the premium coffee maker. Mid Island Collision in Rockville Center, NY, even went so far as to install a window between the waiting area and the shop, so customers can take in the state-of-the art shop equipment and clean environment, too.

Customer Service

Make sure your employees go the extra mile, starting with an easy check-in and ending with a timely checkout. Communication is key. Front desk personnel should understand the repair process and be prepared to answer upfront questions about what the customer can expect.

After the initial inspection and during the actual repairs, technicians should continue to keep customers in the loop. Have them explain what’s behind the cost of a repair, from the price of replacement parts to any specialized tools or techniques they’ll need to use. You know there’s a good reason these kinds of repairs cost more. Conveying that to your customers is good business practice.

Efficiency is Key

Shop owners know there’s a lot that goes on between that straightforward check-in and the timely checkout. All of those management best practices that keep your shop humming are even more important in the high-end repair business. Unexpected delays sting just a little bit more when customers are paying a premium price for the repairs. Make time to regularly examine the workflow in your shop and pinpoint any weak links.

Provide Exceptional Repairs

From a safety and reliability standpoint, every shop should be doing this one. But when it comes to high-end repairs, it takes some extra effort—from you and your technicians. Choose great employees to start with, and then be willing to invest in their training. Certifications from high-end carmakers usually require specific training for one or more technicians in a shop. Fulfill the requirements and then make a plan to extend that knowledge to everyone on the shop floor. Set them up for success by providing the best benches and other equipment for the job, too.

From planning to day-to-day shop operations, luxury car repairs take an all-in approach. Once you decide it’s the right move for your business, being willing to put in extra effort to provide a high-end experience will help bring in more of those high-end customers.

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