OEM procedures and requirements are nothing new in collision repair. We’ve always needed precise specs to make a vehicle look and run like new. From emergency braking systems to lane departure warnings and more, modern vehicles are getting complex, so repairing them is more complex too.

Every time you complete a structural repair, you need to repair—aka recalibrate—the sensors in the advanced driver-assistance systems. In order to perform the most accurate calibration and keep drivers safe, you need three things:

1. The latest OEM repair procedures for the exact make and model you’re working on.
2. A clear, reliable process that can be followed again and again without mistake.
3. An ADAS calibration tool to calibrate the sensors.

Or, if you want all three things in one, choose the Mosaic ADT from Chief.

With Mosaic, you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date OEM standards for ADAS calibrations right there in the system database. Other aftermarket calibration systems hold shops responsible for updating OEM standards and repair procedures as they receive them from the OEM, or they use tools that have old data. Not with Mosaic. We get our data directly from the OEMs themselves and update it automatically for you.

Another common disadvantage of other calibration systems is not having a clear and repeatable process for techs to follow. Other systems simply give you the data and leave your techs to interpret it into a process of their own. Even for a skilled professional, that room for error isn’t very efficient or accurate.

Mosaic tells techs exactly what to do, step-by-step, through automation. Once the correct vehicle information has been identified in the database, the whole procedure automatically loads into the Mosaic tablet. The software automatically moves the targets and performs the scans and calibrations. All that your tech has to do is simply follow each step on the tablet to complete the repair–no searching or interpreting needed. The software also won’t let the tech skip any steps, so you can be sure the repair is completed accurately every time.

As more and more vehicles roll into your shop needing ADAS calibration, you’ll need an accurate, efficient and error-free system on your side. Consider Mosaic ADT to make pulling OEM procedures and following them a breeze.