Koala.htmA few things you probably didn’t know about the koala: They can only stay awake four hours a day. They cling to trees to lower their body temperature. Their fingerprints are practically indistinguishable from humans. In fact, police sometimes mistake koala prints for human when investigating crimes. This is all true.

So is this: You need a Koala in your shop. In fact, you could probably use a few. No, not the bears (which aren’t actually bears, but marsupials like kangaroos). We’re talking about our Koala car bench

The Koala is a small straightening bench that can handle the vast majority of structural work that comes into your shop. But that doesn’t mean it’s big. In fact, it’s as small and compact as its name implies. A true drive-over bench, the Koala sits only 6 inches off of the floor when fully lowered. 

After you lock a vehicle into the sill clamps and push the lift button, you get 5 feet, 3 inches of working height. The Koala also gives you 360-degree, quick, simple, ten-ton, pull-post mounting and a lift capacity of 5,500 pounds. All this in a lift that’s economical enough to put in all of your techs’ stalls, since multiple benches can share a removable pulling post and other common tools. 

The Koala is perfect for vehicle blueprinting, teardown and reassembly, and metal straightening. And unlike its namesake, you can get a lot more than four hours of use out of it every day. There’s no need to go to Australia either. Simply talk to your Chief Distributor to see how a Koala—or a few—can increase your revenue without much investment on the front end.