Centurian-Portrait.jpgManaging a fleet can be a tough job. Aside from normal business aspects like profit margin, staffing and customer satisfaction, you must also concern yourself with things like logistics and planned maintenance. This makes an already stressful job almost seem unfair. That’s why, as a shop manager, you should always be looking for ways to streamline procedures and make your life a little easier.

Heavy duty shops, in particular, can be challenged with collision repair. With only a select group of facilities capable of HD repairs, sending your trucks off with hopes of a quick return and correct repair, might be pie in the sky. In order to keep your sanity, here a 3 more reason why your shop needs an in-house HD frame rack.

Reduce Down Time
As you know, the most expensive truck in your fleet is the one that’s not running. While it sits in a lot waiting for repairs you are still paying, and it’s costing you more and more each day. It was probably difficult even finding a good HD body shop, and their return time is normally measured in months instead of days. You can avoid this nightmare, by having a HD rack, like Chief’s Centurion right at home. This allows you the luxury of setting your truck as a priority, and helps ensure they get back on the road as fast as possible.

Getting it Right the First Time
As the saying goes, “if you want it done right, then do it yourself.” The nightmare of having to return your truck back to the shop because it was not properly repaired is an all too real possibility. It may not be entirely the repair shop’s fault. They could have road tested with good results, but perhaps not the thousands of miles your truck runs weekly. This may mean a trip back for repairs and more valuable time off the road. With an in-house rack, you would be able to make the adjustments in a smaller window, maybe not even losing road time at all.

Increased Revenue
You may not have a need for a frame rack full-time, and therefore think you cannot justify the cost. But just as your repair lead time was long, there are surely others in the same boat. A frame rack of your own allows you to keep that bay busy with a steady stream of revenue coming in, reducing your ROI time. But BEWARE, this may lead to a whole new set of worries- you might have more repair business than you can handle!

Whether it’s to reduce down time, ensure jobs are done correctly or to increase your shop’s revenue, investing in a quality HD frame rack will always be a smart move. Equipping your shop for in-house repair will set you apart from your competition, and provide you a luxury only a few shops enjoy.

If you would like to know more about the Centurion, Chief’s HD frame rack, or more about fleet repair, download our In-house Fleet Repair Guide, or visit www.chiefautomotive.com/Chief-HD/